Scabs of Winter

by brainwasher

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released December 28, 2014

Recorded 22nd August 2014 by James Eager at the House of Hielscher.
Mixed and mastered by James Eager.

Brainwasher is Ken – Bass, Cian – Drums, Gab – Guitar, Wiggles – Vocals.




brainwasher Ireland

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Track Name: Static Television
Spray paint the future, like slogans on a wall, everyone’s got opinions you can’t convert them all, Isaac screamed in agony as blood rushed from his head, you cannot push the system, you’re lucky you’re not dead, and when they say they want to talk they just want you to listen, try focus your attention on the static television, let me go I have things to do, I don’t share the herd instinct with you, bullshit merchants know your station, hated icons of this nation, and when they say they want to talk, they just want you to listen, try focus your attention on the static television, tell me you’re not curious, not even just a bit, I can’t confess my worry to you I think you’re in on it, you’ve got the news all sewn up, it’s hard to find a shred of truth, harder to find a stitch of fact, it’s so neat, it’s so compact
Track Name: Yaws
Manipulate me, manipulate you, no empathy, nothing is true, Holy Mary, mother of what? why me? Why not you? I will steal ‘cause I don’t have food, what else have I got to lose? I will steal ‘cause I don’t have food, why me? Why not you? What you don’t want to see, you don’t see, the stranger system, sensitivity, facilitator of modern slavery, put all your problems on charity, hoist the flag, salute the drag, take your place among the slags, keep the vein, block the drain, crowd chants pervert! pervert! crime statistics – no resources, flap your flags, battle scars, swing your chains, we feast on charity, I will kill ‘cause I don’t have food, what else have I got to lose, I will kill ‘cause I don’t have food, why me? why not you? You have no integrity, the worst I could say about anybody
Track Name: First World Problems
I’m scared to commit to one good idea but don’t worry friend, you know there’s nothing to fear ‘cause I don’t think I’ve wasted all my chances up yet, I will not be pushed down by the weight of regret, the slower we move the faster we die, anger is cold comfort when you shake at night, the real world is going to tear you apart, blow fire through your soul and singe your black heart, you stagger through the backstreets ‘til you fall on your face, smashed bone and blood all over the place, we’ve been selling all the old shit at brand new prices, first world problems
Track Name: From Nothing to Nowhere
If you’re not scared then you’re just stupid, say what you like but will it be worth it? To drive someone to the edge of despair, words are weapons – you don’t fucking care, easy to type the words on the screen, the side effects don’t go unseen, she’s a human being, not a machine, she took her own life, she was just thirteen, and she prays that there’s no tomorrow because she can’t face another day, you get your own way through intimidation, fear is your primary motivator, you are the ringleader, a workplace dictator, compulsive user, authority abuser, though the words are used so much, they never lose their meaning, learning to live with tragedy is something that you can’t explain, there will be no sunsets anymore, no school friends knocking at our front door, just the smoke from a candle blown out